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Thomas Alfred Leigh

Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt - Depot
How Died:Died
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Sale Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born during the March quarter 1875 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/205,
the son of Samuel & Elizabeth Leigh

1881 Census - 169 Northenden Road, Sale.   Son - aged: 7 - born: Sale
(listed as Thomas W. Leigh).    Head of household - Samuel Leigh - Married
- aged: 57 - occ: Farm Labourer - born: Sale.   Also - Sarah Leigh - aged:
55 - born: Sale.

1891 Census - 169 Northenden Road, Sale.    Grandson - aged: 17 - occ:
Telegraphist - born: Sale.   Head of household - Samuel Leigh - Married -
aged: 68 - occ: General Labourer - born: Sale.   Also - Sarah Leigh - aged:
67 - born: Manchester.

His father died in 1897.

1901 Census - No Trace.   His step-mother Sarah Leigh - widow aged: 79 -
occ: Market Gardener - was then residing at 422 Northenden Road, Sale.

1911 Census - 67 Egerton Street, Sale.     Head - Unmarried - aged: 37 -
occ: Labourer - born: Sale.    Also - Esther Hulme - Widow - aged: 36 -
born: Sale.    Plus - Esther's daughter, Lizzie Hulme and son, Thomas Leigh

He married Esther Hulme at St. Anne's P.C., Sale Moor on the 12th February

WO363 - Enlisted at Sale on the 22nd November 1915.   Drafted to France on
the 28th March 1916.   His own report states that:- he first realised that
something was wrong in November 1917, but it was not until the 17th January
1918 that he reported sick with a pain in his chest and night sweats.   He
stated that he had lost 3 stones in weight and was admnitted to No. 8
General Hospital, Rouen the next day.  The MO reported avacuation of his
left lung and confirmed that he was suffering from Tuberculosis.  
Repatriated on the 21st January 1918 and straight into the Bermondsey
Military Hospital, London.  There was no family history of TB and the cause
of his was recorded as:- "strain and exposure".  His weight was recorded at
6 stone 7½ lb down from a normal of 9 stone 6 lb.  Within a week of
arriving at Bermondsey, he had gained 3¾ lb.  Evening Pyrexia recorded
(defined as "a temperature greater than 38.3°C on several occasions").  
Left lung - "excavation at Apex and scattered infiltration of upper lobe -
Apical infiltration of lower lobe".    Right lung - "Apical infiltration.  
Many Tubercle Bacilli in sputum".     In addition to the TB, he was also
suffering from loss of hearing.  Right ear "watch inaudible at 2 inches".  
Left ear "watch inaudible at 4 inches".    Discharged from the Army on the
14th May 1918, as being unfit for duty, suffering from Tuberculosis.  He
was awarded a pension for 26 weeks at the rate of 30/- (£1.50), plus 6/8d
for the children.

In 1918 he is recorded as having two children (actually Esther's from her
first marriage) - Elizabeth Hulme, born  on the 24th October 1901 and
Thomas Alfred Leigh Hulme, born on the 26th November 1906.

A Discharged Soldier, who until recently had been acting Corporal at the
Cheshire Depot.

His MIC shows that in addition to the two basic medals - BWM & the VM, he
was awarded the S.W.B. (Silver War Badge) No. J/563/2 issued only to those
persons who were incapacitated and unable to undertake their normal Army

Death reported in the 11/06/1918 edition of the Altrincham Guardian that
quotes his surname as LEE, but all the records, including the Cemetery
records, lis his surname as LEIGH.

Buried at Sale Cemetery on Saturday 08/06/1918 with a full military funeral
with bugler and 12 men from Heaton Park Depot and Union flag and gun
carriage supplied by the ASC, Chorlton.

I have noted that his grave is unmarked.  However, in the bare earth area
next to his grassed grave area, there is a small square stone vase - marked
"Thomas Leigh", which I temporarily placed back onto his grave whilst I
photographed it.


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