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Edward Charnock

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:20th Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:King's (Liverpool Rgt)
How Died:Killed in Action
Country of burial:France
Cemetery or Memorial:Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born during the September quarter 1894 in the Prescot R.D. - ref: 8b/680,
the only son of James & Elizabeth Charnock (nee Marrow).

In 1891 his parents and his sister Ida Charnock were residing at Rainhill
Lop, Blundells Lane, Rainhill, Prescot, Lancashire.  Where Edward was
perhaps born?

1901 Census - Convent of Mercy, Radley Road, Abingdon, Berkshire.   Pupil -
aged: 6 - born: Liverpool.   This was a co-educational boarding school
founded in 1860.

His mother - Elizabeth Charnock died on the 18th April 1905 - aged: 49.

1911 Census - Rainhill Mount, Rainhill, Lancashire.   Son - aged: 16 - occ:
Apprentice to the Grain Trade - born: Rainhill.   Head of household - James
Charnock - Widower - aged: 63 - occ: Retired Corn Merchant - born:
Rainhill.   Plus 2 elder sisters, including Ida (b.1887) and 1 domestic

WO363 - Enlisted at Liverpool on the 9th November 1914, aged: 20 years 0
months, employed as a Motor Car Mechanic.    Height: 5 feet 11½ inches -
Weight: 156 lb - Expanded chest: 37 inches with a 3 inch expansion.  Posted
to France on the 7th November 1915.

There is an official Statement from a Private S.J. Brown on Edwards File.  
It is dated 28th November 1916, almost four months after the date of
Edward's death.  In it Private Brown states that he was in a support trench
on ???? August 1916 on the Somme and that a Sergeant Wild was in charge of
a machine gun to his left.   Private Charnock was present with this party
in Dummy Trench, Sergeant Wild, Private Charnock, Private Blanchard and
four others were killed outright when a shell landed in the trench next to
them.    I have not been able to find any records, from ANY battalion, of
the deaths of either Sergeant Wild nor Private Blanchard on this date.   I
believe that Private Brown's statement is incorrect - a Lance Corporal
William Blanchard and a Lance Sergeant Edgar Wild both, of the 12th
Battalion, Kings (Liverpool) Rgt were killed on the Somme on the 23rd
August 1916.   Unfortunately the exact date in August 1916 is blotted out
on Private Brown’s statement, but the fact that he stated that it WAS
August and not July, tends to suggest that Private Brown was confused about
Edward's presence with the others.

Serving in the 89th Brigade, 30th Division, the Battalion attacked at
Montauban on the first day of the Battle of the Somme - 1st July 1916,
taking Casement and Dublin Trenches and eventually took La Briqueterie.   
Relieved and to Bois des Taillies on the 4th.   Trigger Wood on the 8th and
to Maricourt on the 9th.   Into the front line at Maltz Horn Trench on the
10th where they bombed the German line on the 11th.  The trench was taken
and held against German counter-attacks.   Relieved and to Bois des
Taillies again on the 13th.   To Welcome Wood (which inevitably meant that
it wasn't at all welcoming!) on the14th.    Vaux-sur-Somme on the 18th.   
Happy Valley (inevitably it was not a happy place!) on the 19th.    To
Bivouacs north of Citadel Camp on the 20th.    Maltz Horn Trench again on
the 29th.  The Battalion was positioned on the right of the Brigade's
attack between Arrow Head Copse and Maltz Horn Farm on the 30th.   They
moved forward at 04.45 hrs in  a thick mist reducing visibility down to 10
yards.  They overran the German trenches and reached the
Hardecourt-Guillemont Road - all their gains were reached and consolidated,
but in the process suffered 373 casualties, one of whom was Edward. 

Commemorated on the family gravestone in St. Batholomew's Churchyard,
Rainhill, which states that he died on the Somme on the 31st July 1916. His
WO363 states the 30th as does the CWGC.    His father, James, died on the
2nd March 1924, aged: 76.

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