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Robert Nathan (Bob) Shard DFC,DFM

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:078 Sqn RAFVR
Name of Rgt or Ship:Bomber Command
How Died:Killed in Action
Country of burial:Lost Overseas
Cemetery or Memorial:Runnymede Memorial
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Brought up at Knutsford, he attended Altrincham Grammar School.   Employed
by a firm of Altrincham printers.    Volunteered for the RAF in the summer
of 1940.

Married Vera Joyce Bowler during the December quarter 1941 in the Wantage
R.D. - ref: 2c/1150.

A Lancaster bomber Pilot, he had been on a total of 50 Ops and had been on
several of the 1,000 bomber raids over Germany.

The 11/02/1944 edition of the local newspaper reported his award of the

The 18/02/1944 edition of the local newspaper carried a report detailing
his actions during a raid on Magdesburg during the night of 21st/22nd
January 1944, for which he was awarded the DFC.

"During the operation the aircraft was attacked by a German fighter and
sustained much damage.  The Astro-dome was shot away and the mid-upper &
rear turrets were put out of action.   The hydraulic gear was damaged, as
was the port inner propellor blades.   The Flight Engineer, R.B. Irwin, who
won the DFM for his part, stood with head through the gap in the Astro-dome
giving instructions to the Pilot who was then able to evade the attacker.  
Later one of the starboard engines had to be feathered.    Nevertheless,
Flt. Lt. Shard managed to fly the aircraft back to the UK, where he landed
it safely despite badly damaged flaps and burst tyres on two of the landing

He was killed two nights later on his 51st Op over Berlin.

A total of 62 RAF bombers were lost on that raid.

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Altrincham Grammar School
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