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Catherine (Mrs) Lowndes

Name of Rgt or Ship:Civilian
How Died:Killed in Air Raid
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Bowdon (St. Mary\'s) Church Yard
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born Catherine Goddard on the 3rd April 1876, the birth being registered
during the June Qtr 1877 in the Salford R.D. - ref: 8d/56, the youngest
child of John Samuel & Mary Ellen Goddard (nee Carter).

1881 Census - 77 Brighton St, Salford.   Daughter - aged: 4 - born:
Salford.     Head of household - John P. Goddard - Married - aged: 44 -
occ: Printers Compositor - born: Stockport, Cheshire.    Also - Mary E.
Goddard - Wife - aged: 44 - born: Stockport.   Plus 4 elder siblings.

1891 Census - 28 Bridgewater Road, Altrincham.     Daughter - aged: 15 -
born: Manchester.    Head of household - John S. Goddard - Married - aged:
54 - occ: Letterpress Printer - born: Stockport, Cheshire.    Also - Mary
E. Goddard - Wife - aged: 54 - born: Stockport.    Plus 3 elder siblings
and 1 nephew.

Married John Bradshaw Lowndes during the Sep Qtr 1897 in the Altrincham
R.D. - ref: 8a/351.

1901 Census - 17 Manchester Road, Altrincham.    Wife - aged: 24 - born:
Manchester.    Head of household - John B. Lowndes - Married - aged: 26 -
occ: Iron Moulders Labourer - born: Altrincham.   Plus 2 young daughters.

1911 Census - 14 Huxley Street, Altrincham.    Head - Married - aged: 36 -
occ: Farm Labourer - born: Altrincham.    Catherine - wife - aged: 34 -
born: Hightown, Lancashire.    Their two children, aged: 13 & 12, were also

1939 National Registration - 10 Wright Street, Altrincham.  John B. Lowndes
- Married - born: 29th March 1875 - occ: Casting Storekeeper Heavy Worker. 
 Catherine Lowndes - Married - born: 3rd April 1876 - occ: Unpaid Domestic

Actually died at Altrincham General Hospital from injuries received at 10
Wright St, Broadheath on 27/10/41.   Not listed in the CWD register,
because she died in hospital rather than being recorded by the ARP rescue

Buried on 29/10/1941 - Burial No. 43/13. Grave No. 4035.    M.I. - "At

Her husband John, who was also killed in this incident, was listed as a
labourer in the local directories.

CWGC - of 10 Wright Street. Wife of John Bradshaw Loundes. Injured 25
October 1941, at 10 Wright Street; died at the General Hospital.    THey
have recorded the surname as LOUNDES - it should be LOWNDES.

German Bombing Raid on Altrincham on the night of the 25th/26th October

This raid comprised a high level attack on the Broadheath area of
Altrincham in which 8 aircraft took part, flying at a height of 13,000 ft. 
 The raiders were heading in the direction of north Wales and most stayed
over the Liverpool area.

Red Warning was given at 20.35 hrs.   White Warning at 22.15 hrs.   There
was no Barrage Balloon cover at the time, but the local Ack-Ack Battery was

Wind speed at 15,000 ft: 30 ft per second.  At 20,000 ft: 34 ft per second.
  Visibility was 4 to 5 miles.  Cloud base was between 5,000-10,000 ft.
Cloud density: 8/10th.

Two Parachute Mines fell simultaneously, causing damage to 11 factories, a
railway station, a school and some shops.  Nine houses were totally
destroyed and 655 others sustained varying degrees of damage.

Bombs landed 2,725 ft and 3,290 ft away from a 40 person 35 ft x 10 ft x 6
ft high steel "Anderson" style shelter where 24 persons were taking cover. 
 There were no casualties at this shelter.

There were two domestic "Anderson" shelters some 40 ft away from No.1
crater, but were not affected by the mines.

The destroyed houses were "old" cottage style houses converted into shops,
approximately 50 years old.  The area of damage was half a mile radius.   
Several small fires developed.

For more information of this raid - see GMBV website - "Altrincham Raid -
October 1940" under "Memorials".

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