Stretford WW2 

Neville Lawrence Temple Darewski DSO

Name of Rgt or Ship:Royal Army Ordnance Corps
How Died:Accidental
Country of burial:ItalyGrave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Joined the Metro-Vicker's Company as a Technical Correspondent in January
1938 and employed in the Plant Sales Department.   Joined the RAOC in
September 1939 and later attached to the Polish Independent Brigade,
serving in the Middle East & Central Mediterranean Forces.   Died as a
result of an accident in Italy in November 1944.   Awarded the D.S.O. in
November 1944, in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the

Major Neville Lawrence Temple Darewski DSO from a much larger story told in
a book entitled "SAS Italian Job" by Damien Lewis. Born in London and
living in Devon he came to Metro-Vickers in Manchester where he worked as a
technical correspondent in the Plant Sales Department(at least officially)
and was a member of Metro-Vicks Rugby Team. He signed on with the Royal
Ordnance Corps but was to be transferred to the Polish Independent Brigade
where I believe he was trained to parachute, both here at Ringway and later
at Levens, Scotland, He then became a member of 1 Special Force SOE service
 He was parachuted into Italy in 1943 to organise resistance bands into
effective saboteurs.  Operating in Slovenia in 1943 and in Italy in 1944
his unit marched south on a trek of 1,000 miles to attack an Italian
Airfield behind the Gustav Line drawing thousands of German Troops away
from their defences.  They destroyed eighty nine planes and flew one away
to start the Partisan Air Force. He established a 500 strong force just
outside Turin to attack German Units. However politicians were not keen on
having weapons in the hands of communist and other partisans as the war
came towards a conclusion and his supplies of ammunition and heavy weapons
began to dry up. This meant they could no longer fend off German Patrols
and they made haste to leave as the Germans pushed forward, During this
hurried move Major Darewski was crushed against a wall by a lorry and died
soon after. His wireless operator and eleven others escaped in a bomber.
His parents were Jewish and many like him served in the SOE determined to
fight back.  His father Herman Darewski was a famous Music Hall musician
married to English Actress Madge Temple. Major Temple was Neville's service
identity in Italy.   Posthumously given the Freedom of the City of Turin. 

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