Altrincham WW1 - Surnames starting with the letter B. 

William Bagnall

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:02nd Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt
How Died:Died of Wounds
Country of burial:BelgiumGrave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Ypres Town Cemetery Extension
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Born at Alttincham on the 9th September 1886, the birth being registered
during the December quarter 1887 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/165, the
son of William & Mary Bagnall (nee Garner).
1891 Census - 28 Chapel Street, Altrincham - Son - aged: 4 - born:
Altrincham, Cheshire.  Father - William - aged: 43 - Firewood Dealer -
born: Altrincham.   Mother - Mary - aged: 38 - born: Altrincham.  Younger
brother - Samuel - aged: 2.

1901 Census - 28 Chapel Street, Altrincham - Son - aged: 14 - born:
Altrincham, Cheshire.    Father - William - aged: 53 - General Labourer.  
Mother - Mary - aged: 48 - born: Dunham Workhouse.   Younger brothers -
Samuel - aged: 12 and John - aged: 8.

His mother died in childbirth November 1901, aged: 49 and buried in St.
Margaret's Churchyard, Bowdon.  A baby named as Dorothy Bagnall was also
buried there on the 30th November 1901.

After years of employment as a labourer, in 1907, having already served in
the Cheshire Militia, enlisted into the Cheshire Regiment for seven years. 
He was posted to Madras, Wellington and Jubbulpore.

1911 Census - On Military Service at The Ridge, Jubbulpore, India - aged:
24 - Private with 2nd Bn Cheshire Rgt.  His father, William Bagnall is
still residing at 28 Chapel Street - now a widower - aged: 62 - occ:
Jobbing Gardener - born: Altrincham.

His father died in 1918, aged: 70.

WO363 - Enlisted in the 3rd Bn. Cheshire Militia and medically examined at
Hale, Cheshire on 21/01/1907.    Employed as a Plasterer's Labourer he was
aged 20 years 4 months.      Height 5 feet 3 1/2 inches - chest 35 1/2
inches with a 2 1/2 inch expansion, he had a shallow complexion and brown
eyes and brown hair and his religion was listed as C of E.     Posted to
Litchfield on 14/05/1907, then overseas to Madras where, on 04/03/1908, he
was given 5 days C.B (confined to barracks) for having a dirty rifle on
parade.     Then onto Secunderavad and Wellington, India on 07/03/1908.    
    Transferred to Pamphiqus, then to Poonamalle 10/03/1908 until
16/04/1908.    Caught infection from mosquito bites and Corci ??? infection
whilst scratching - given Lead and Boric lotion for 41 days.     The entire
guard that he was part of, were punished for being found to be dirty whilst
on the great monthly parade on 19/04/1908.     Found to be very dirty on
Company parade on 03/06/1908 and given 3 days C.B.   At Wellington on
11/05/1909, he was absent for parade at 7.00 am and given 7 days C.B.   
Again at Wellington on 26/05/1909, he was late for parade at 7.00 am and
given 7 days C.B.      Wellington again - he was late for parade at 6.30 am
on 26/07/1909 and received another 7 days C.B.    On 31/07/1909, he was
absent from a defaulters' Drill at 2.00 pm, until he was found at 3.00 pm -
4 days C.B.     He suffered an abrasion to his foot on 21/09/1909 and
received treatment (rest & Boric Ointment) for that until 19/10/1909.    
Improperly dressed for church parade on 07/11/1909, he was given 4 days
C.B.     At Jubbulpore on 14/10/1911 he was improperly dressed on
Commanding Officers parade at 5.45 am and given 2 days C.B.    On
31/12/1911 he was late falling in for piquet at 8.00 pm and given 2 days
C.B.     On 05/02/1912 he was given 3 days C.B. for not getting out of bed
when ordered and on 06/12/1912 he fell out on Company parade without
permission, for which he received another 3 days C.B.   Still at Jubbulpore
- on 18/02/1912 he was charged with two misdemeanors (1) that he did not
have his small kit with him and being in a filthy condition when on sick
parade and (2) stating a falsehood - given 5 days C.B.      Suffered
"debility of the blood" and received treatment from 09/07/1912 to
13/07/1912 - no malarial parasites were found   On 27/09/1912 he refused to
take rations to the guard when ordered and was given 10 days detention.    
 For being late falling in for parade at 6.00 am on 31/01/1913, he was
given 3 days C.B. and for being absent from Mackus ??? parade at 5.15 am on
07/06/1913 another 3 days C.B.

Having served for 7 years with the Regular Army and of good character, he
received his "Good Conduct" badge.   He agreed to serve for another two
years on 05/08/1914 and was posted to the 2nd Bn. Cheshire Rgt.

Home service    from 21/01/1907 to 21/01/1908 - 1 year 1 day.
India service     from 22/01/1908 to 18/11/1914 - 6 years 301 days.
Home service   from 19/11/1914 to 15/01/1915 - 58 days.
France service from 16/01/1915 to 05/02/1915

The 2nd Bn Cheshire Rgt was at Winchester - part of 84th Brigade, 28th
Division.    Moved to Southampton 16/01 and sailed for France.   Left Le
Havre by train on 18/01, arriving at Hazebrouck and then marched to their
billets at Merris.   Moved in buses to Vlamertinghe on 02/02 and from there
marched to Ypres.   Moved forward later and relieved French troops in
trenches running from the Ypres-Comines Canal to Hill 60.  Wounded at Hill
60 and died at an Advanced Dressing Station.

A William Bagnall (Labourer) is listed as living at No. 28 Chapel Street in
1914/15/16.   William G. Curley is also listed as living at No. 28.   

He had two younger brothers - Samuel - also serving in the Cheshire Rgt and
John - residing at 28 Chapel Street, Altrincham.

No mention of his loss in the local newspaper until August 1915 and then
only in the RoH section.

See also "The Bravest Little Street in England" by Karen Cliff, Trafford
Local Studies Library.

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