Altrincham WW1 

James Ford

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:01st Bn (Depot Bn)
Name of Rgt or Ship:King's Own (Royal Lancaster Rgt)
How Died:Died
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Lancaster Cemetery
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Born c1885, in the parish of St. John's, Shrewsbury, the son of Henry &
Katherine Ford.

1891 Census - 7 Chapel Street, Altrincham.   One of 15 people living in
this Lodging House - all 15 listed as Lodgers.  James Ford - aged: 8 -
Scholar - born: Shrewsbury, Shropshire.   Henry Ford - Married - aged: 36 -
occ: Umbrella Maker - born: Liverpool.   Katherine Ford - Married - aged:
34 - occ: Hawker - born: Liverpool.   His elder brother - William Ford -
aged: 11 - Scholar - born: Chester.

1901 Census - Serving at Malta until 1903.

1911 Census - 7 Station Road, Northwich, Cheshire.   Boarder - aged: 28 -
General Hawker - born: Shrewsbury, Shropshire.    His Mother - Kate Ford,
was residing at No. 9 Chapel Street, a Lodging House where she was a
Boarder - Widow - aged: 54 - Smallwares Hawker - born: "At Sea".

WO363 - Enlisted at Manchester on the 25th June 1900 to serve for 12 years.
  Aged: 18 years 9 months and employed as a Labourer.  He had previously
tried to enlist but was rejected as "under weight".    At the time of his
enlistment, his mother - Catherine Ford, was residing at 12 Dutton Street,
Warrington and his brother - William Ford, was residing in Chapel Street,
Altrincham.  He was 5 feet 4 3/4 inches in height; he weighed 115 lb; his
chest measurements were 32 1/2 inches expanded to 35 inches.  He had a
Fresh complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair and no distinctive marks. 
Religion - Roman Catholic.

Served "At Home" from 25th June 1900 until the 18th November 1901.   For
overstaying his pass from 10.00 am until 11.15 pm on the 7th August 1900,
he was given 3 days C.B. (Confined to Barracks).   For neglecting his rifle
and leaving it in M.I. Block on the 18th December 1900, he was given 3 days
C.B.   He received the same punishment two days later for not putting
lights out after 10.15 pm on the 20th December 1900.  For beoing absent
from Roll Call Tattoo until found in bed at Reveille on the 12th May 1901,
he was Admonished.

Whilst at Aldershot, he was admitted to hospital on the 23rd March 1901
suffering from Varicocele.  Whilst in hospital, he contracted Pleuresy and
so his operation was postponed.  Discharged on the 28th March 1901. 
Re-admitted to hospital on the 13th August 1901, but refused a operation
for Varicocele and dischraged on the 21st August.   Charged with
overstaying his pass from Tattoo on the 28th October 1901 until 9.15 am on
the 29th. - given 2 days C.B.

Posted to Malta on the 19th November 1901.  For being drunk in Mellieha at
8.39 pom on the 31st December 1902, he was admonished.   Admitted to
hospital at Malta on the 7th February 1902, suffering from Gonorrhoea and
discharged on the 15th February.  Admitted to hospital again on the 12th
June 1902, suffering from Soft Chancre (Chancroid) - discharged on the 8th
July 1902.   For being improperly dressed, returning to Barracks at 12.15
am and for causing a disterbance, he was given 7 days C.B.    On the 8th
April 1903, James was absent from a Tattoo until 10pm when apprehended by
the Military Police in a drunken state at Sda S Nicola - given 8 days C.B. 
 On the 4th May 1903 he was absent from Tattoo roll call until 12.35 am -
given another 7 days C.B.   To his credit, he qualified as a Shoeing Smith
on the 29th May 1903.   Suffering from a Boil, he was admitted to hospital
on the 7th August 1903 and discharged on the 25th August 1903.   For
causing a disturbance at 10.00 pm on the 7th October 1903, he was given 7
days C.B.   He collected another 3 days C.B. for having dirty kit at
inspection on the 24th October 1903.

James returned to England on the 12th November 1903 and was transferred to
the Army reserve having completed 3 years and 141 days service.   His
address was then given as 22 Chapel Street, Altrincham.   On the 26th April
1912, whilst now residing at 26 Station Road, Northwich, he re-engaged for
another 4 years service and served "At Home".   On the 28th May 1914 he
attended a training course on the Heswall Firing Range and scored the
following points:-  At 200 yards lying down and kneeling he scored 16
points for each.   At 300 yards, 500 yards and 500 yards lying behind cover
he scored 14 points for each giving him a total of 74 points.

Part of the 12th Brigade, 4th Division, he was posted to France on the 22nd
August 1914.   On the 15th September 1914, approximately one mile north of
Septmonts, France the Battalion came under heavy shell fire that killed two
of his fellow soldiers.   James received what would eventually turn out to
be a fatal shell wound to his left leg.   Admitted into the 1st Stationary
Hospital, Le Mans, France on the 22nd September 1914 with severe leg
wounds.   Admitted to a Hospital at Nantes on the 13th October 1914 (there
were two hospitals at Nantes at this time - No.9 General and No.2
Stationary).  Returned to England on the 19th October 1914, suffering from
G.S.W. to left leg and admitted to the Royal Lancaster Hospital.   His
death at this hospital was caused by a Perforated Duodenal Ulcer and

A telegram dated the 14th June 1915 was sent to Mrs. Ford, 12 Dutton
Street, Warrington informing her of her son's death and stating that his
funeral was to be held at 2.00 pm the following day - the 15th June.  The
Post Office replied stating that Mrs Ford was not known at that address.

His personal effects and medals were to be sent to Mrs. Louisa Heath, 26
Station Road, Northwich, Cheshire.   In 1901, Louisa Heath was a Fish
Dealer (Shopkeeper) at 26 Station Road, Northwich.  Formerly Louisa
Jackson, she was married with 6 children.   Her husband - Fish Dealer -
John Heath, was in a Lodging house at the same address.

Death reported in the 18/06/1915 edition of the Altrincham Guardian.   His
death was registered during the June quarter 1915 in the Lancaster R.D. -
ref: 8c/982 - aged 34.

Listed in the Guardian Year Book - Roll of Honour for 1916.

See also "The Bravest Little Street in England" by Karen Cliff, Trafford
Local Studies Library.

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