Urmston WW2 

Angus Lindsay Gordon

Rank:CoderNumber:C/JX 214291
Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Name of Rgt or Ship:H.M.S. Egret
Country of burial:Lost at Sea
Cemetery or Memorial:Chatham Naval Memorial
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
H.M.S. Egret was the first ship to be sunk by the new Henschel Hs 293a
glider bomb at 13.00 hrs on 27/08/43 some 30 miles west of Vigo, in
position 42.10N 09.22W - there were 35 survivors.  H.M.C.S. Athabaskan was
also damaged in the same attack, but rescued the 30 survivors from the
Egret before returning toi base under her own steam.    It was a 'Bittern'
class sloop of which 3 were built between 1938 & 1939.   They had a
displacement of 1,200 tons and a complement of 188 personnel.  
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