Altrincham WW1 

Norman Birch

Name of Rgt or Ship:H.M.S. M15
How Died:Died at Sea
Country of burial:Lost at Sea
Cemetery or Memorial:Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Employed as Under Gardener to Mr. Boyd, The Alton, Dunham Rd, Altrincham.

Enlisted in 1914.   Killed in action with a submarine off coast of

The M.15 was a 'M' Class Monitor, built 28/04/1915.   It was one of a
number of ships supporting Allenby's army in Palestine.    The rapid
advance of that army put them beyond the range of the ships guns and so
they were withdrawn.   With reports of U-Boats in the area they withdrew
behind a line of nets secured 2 miles offshore.    However UC-38 managed to
get around the nets and torpedoed M.15 at 17.35hrs on the 11/11/1917.   The
torpedo hit the port bow causing a serious cordite fire in the forward
magazine and she sank in less than 3 minutes in the Eastern Mediterranean
off Deir el Belah.    26 crew were lost.

Death reported in the 04/01/1918 edition of the Altrincham Guardian.

Commemorated on the private family gravestone in Christ Church Churchyard,

His father, Benjamin died 24/05/1935 aged 70 years.
Memorials found on:
St. George's (Altrincham)
Seamon's Moss Endowed School (Oldfield Brow)Altrincham & District Roll of Honour
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