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Peter Pritchard

Rank:Ldg AcmNumber:FAA/FX115102
Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:Royal Navy - Fleet Air Arm
Name of Rgt or Ship:H.M.S. Landrail
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Sale Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Attended Bradbury Central School.    Employed by the Manchester & Salford
Co-operative Society in their Manchester General Office.   

Member of the 1st Broadheath Scout Troop and a Scout Messenger at the
Seamon's Moss First Aid Post.    A chorister at St. Alban's. Keen on
swimming and climbing.

Joined the RN in August 1941 and volunteered for the FAA 6 months later.

Member of the famous Caterpillar Parachute Club.  This club was founded by
Leslie Irvin of the Irvin Airchute Company of Canada in 1922.    Parachutes
stored in canisters had saved the lives of observers in balloons and
several German, Austro-Hungarian pilots of disabled military aircraft in
the First World War.      The name "Caterpillar Club" simply makes
reference to the silk threads that made the original parachutes thus
recognising the debt owed to the silk worm. 

Listed on Vicar's typed list.

Buried Saturday the 08/05/1943 - Burial No. 23925.

Grave purchased by Fred Street - which is interesting, as his best pal was
Frank Hancock Street, who was also connected with St. Alban's and the
Seamon's Moss F/A Post.   His pal Frank had a RoH notice placed in the
28/04/1944 edition of the local newspaper.

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