Sale WW2 

Leonard Masterman

Rank:Ldg AcmNumber:1682434
Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:049 Sqn RAFVR
Name of Rgt or Ship:Bomber Command
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Sale Cemetery
Town Memorial:Sale
Extra Information:
Flying with 49 Sqn, they took off at 09.55hrs from R.A.F. Fulbeck,
Lincolnshire, in a Lancaster Mk.III, No PB463 EA-Y, with the intention of
flying to Syerston, where the Squadron was to be based.     However, the
Lancaster flew round the circuit before returning low across the airfield
in a dive from which the pilot tragically failed to recover.     At
09.57hrs the aircraft smashed into buildings near the M/T Section, with
debris scything through a parade comprising mainly of personnel from the
5015 Airfield Construction Unit (TNA AIR 29/828/5)..     In an instant 10
died and 5 more of their injuries in the days that followed, with the last
(the 16th person) on the 8th May.

Buried 27/04/1945 - Burial No. 24586.

Grave purchased by Mrs. Milborough Masterton.

CWGC - Son of Thomas Goodwin Masterman;  Husband of Milbrough Masterman of
Darlington, Co. Durham.

M.I. - "He lived his life both true and kind only beautiful Memories Left
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