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Ernest Ratcliffe

Rank:Able SeamanNumber:D/JX171376
Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:Royal Navy
Name of Rgt or Ship:H.M.S. Repulse
How Died:Killed in Action or Murdered
Country of burial:SingaporeGrave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Plymouth Naval Memorial
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Ernest served on the 1st WW battlecruiser H.M.S. Repulse, which was sunk on
the 10th December 1941 by Japanese torpedo aircraft east of Malaya, in
position 03.37 N - 104.21 E.    The Repulse had a displacement of 32,000
tons, it was 794 ft long, with a 103 ft beam and had a crew of 1,309 men of
whom 796 went down with the ship.  The modern battleship, H.M.S. Prince of
Wales was sunk in the same engagement.

He survived the sinking and ended up in Singapore and was still there on
the 15th February 1942, when the Japanese brutaly over-ran the Island. 
Captured wounded Allied soldiers were killed where they lay.  Many who were
not injured but had surrendered were also murdered.   As the Japanese
attacked through the Peninsula, their troops were ordered to take no
prisoners as they would slow up the Japanese advance.   A pamphlet issued
to all Japanese soldiers stated:   "When you encounter the enemy after
landing, think of yourself as an avenger coming face to face at last with
his father’s murderer.   Here is a man whose death will lighten your

It is understood that Ernest was one of those who were killed or murdered
by the advancing Japanese Army.
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