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Florence Malan

Name of Rgt or Ship:S.S. Ceramic
How Died:Killed at Sea
Country of burial:Lost at SeaGrave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:No Memorial
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born Florence Darlington during the September quarter 1920 in the Leeds
R.D. - ref: 9b/740, the youngest daughter of Herbert & Lucy Darlington (nee

Her father - Herbert E. Darlington died during the March quarter 1930 in
the Blackpool R.D. - ref: 8e/982.

1939 National Registration - 92 St. Heliers Road, Blackpool.    Lucy
Darlington - Widow - born: 6th February 1890 - occ: Company House Keeper. 
There is on entry blanked out under the 100 year rule, presumably this is
Florence Darlington.

Her family lived in Blackpool for 9 years, before moving to Sale.  They had
been living in Sale for 3 years before she was killed.    She was formerly
on the stage, as a Tap Dancer and Accordionist under the name of Sylvia
Darlington.   She was subsequently employed by Leigh's Laundry and at the
Linotype Works, Broadheath.

She married Carl Malan, a Quartermaster in the Merchant Navy, at St.
Mary's, Sale, in March 1941, the marriage registered during the March
quarter 1941 in the Bucklow R.D. - ref: 8a/583.     Carl had taken up shore
based employment at Durban, South Africa and had sent for Florence to join
him there.   She embarked at Liverpool on the S.S. "Ceramic" in November
1942.  Died during the night of the 6th - 7th December 1942.

The "Ceramic" was built in 1913, it's gross register tonnage was 18,713, it
was 675 feet long, 69 feet wide and could make 15 knots.   A passenger
Liner, it was one of 21 ships operated by Savill & Albion Shaw & Co. Ltd,
34 Leadenhall St, London EC3.   It could accomodate 336 - cabin class
passengers.  In February 1940 she became a troopship.

West of the Azores, travelling from Liverpool to Australia, on the 06/12/42
she was torpedoed by U-515 and sank in position - 40.30N 40.20W.   There
was only 1 survivor, and a total of 656 troops, passengers and crew were

Photo in local newspaper.

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