Memorial Location:Sale
Sale United Reformed Church Sunday School
Youth Organisation
War Dead
Those Who Served & Returned
Wars Commemorated
First World War
Constructed By
Constructors Address
Physical Description
Illuminated Cardboard Panel within a glazed oak frame
Date Unveiled
By Whom
Original Address
Includes a section for Roebuck Lane Church
Current Address
St. Paul's P.C.,
M33 7YA
Who Paid For Memorial
Who's responsible
St. Paul's P.C.
Their Address
St. Paul's P.C., Sale. M33 7YA
Condition of Memorial
War Names Died Served
WW1 76 + 37 (Roebuck Lane) 12 + 10 (Roebuck Lane) 64 + 27 (Roebuck Lane) Yes
Post WW2
Rank Included
General Information
The Sale URC Sunday School Memorial was displayed up on the
balcony of the Sale URC hall, until it was removed and put into
storage c2000 alongside their main memorial and the Presbyterian
Church Memorial.

The "Roebuck Lane" section of this memorial refers to the memorial
in what became the Sale Evangelical Church.

Sale Congregational Church on Montague Road founded a Mission in
Roebuck Lane in 1898, the building was completed in 1905. It closed in 1938 and was sold to the Sale Evangelical Church.  Which
accounts for the fact that the names on this memorial are the same
as those listed on the Sale Evangelical Church Memorial.

It is believed that Roebuck Lane must have originally returned 90ยบ
and took the line of what is now Kelsall Street, joining up with
Springfield Road, then a cul-de-sac.

Background - In 1968, when the Sale Congregational Church on
Northenden Road was closed and demolished, the remaining
congregation joined with the Sale Presbyterian Church to become
the Sale United Reformed Church and their War Memorial was gifted
to Sale URC.

This Memorial is now proudly displayed in St. Paul's P.C.,
Springfield Road along with their renovated main Memorial.

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Upper Section

Lower Section

Roebuck Lane Section

Illuminated Top