Memorial Location:Sale
Sale Wesleyan Chapel
Church War Memorial
War Dead
Those Who Served & Returned
Wars Commemorated
First World War
Constructed By
Constructors Address
Physical Description
Black painted boards with names in white
Date Unveiled
3rd April 1921
By Whom
Mrs. Baldwin; Mr. T. Cowin & Mr. F. Worrall
Original Address
Sale Wesleyan Chapel,
School Road, Sale
Current Address
Who Paid For Memorial
Who's responsible
Their Address
Condition of Memorial
War Names Died Served
WW1 181 30 151
Post WW2
Rank Included
General Information
I could not understand the rationale of having three separate
memorials.  They were not chronologically sequential for date of
death, nor were they collectively alphabetical.   They were three
individual, alphabetical memorials, listing the names of 78, 50 and
53 persons.

One theory put to me is that the Wesleyan's had their main Church on
School Road and two separate Missions, one on Bridgewater Street, the
other on Barkers Lane.  That certainly makes sense.  Perhaps they
also had duplicate memorials at the Missions of their own Church
members and they too are now lost ?

Giving credence to this theory is the fact that the names of the
three people unveiling the three Rolls of honour correspond to three
of the men listed who never returned, who names appear one on each

Having checked the addresses of those that died, I'm confident enough
to now state that I believe the list at the top of Page 2, is the
main Chapel.   The West Wall list is that of Bridgewater Street
Mission and the East Wall list is the Barkers Lane Mission list.
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