Memorial Location:Stretford
Metropolitan Vickers Ltd - WW2
Company/Works War Memorial
War Dead
Wars Commemorated
Second World War
Constructed By
Constructors Address
Physical Description
Date Unveiled
By Whom
Original Address
Current Address
Who Paid For Memorial
Who's responsible
St. Antony Centre
Their Address
11th Street, Trafford Park, Stretford. M17
Condition of Memorial
War Names Died Served
WW2 214 214 Yes
Post WW2
Rank Included
General Information
See the photograph of how the WW2 Memorial was housed in an hardwood
glazed and illuminated display cabinet between the two WW1 Columns in
an alcove in the main entrance to Metro-Vics offices on Westinghouse
Road - now demolished.

See the other modern photograph showing how the Memorials are now
displayed in the St. Antony Centre.

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Memorials - Original Position

Memorials Now

WW2 Inscription

The Book Housing

The WW2 Memorial Book

Inside Inscription

Names - Ag-Al

Names - Ap-Ba

Names - Ba-Be

Names - Be-Be

Names - Bi-Bl

Names - Bo-Br

Names - Br-Bu

Naems - Bu-Bu

Names - By-Ca

Names - Ch-Cl

Names - Cl-Co

Names - Co-Cr

Names - Cr-Da

Names - Da-Du

Names - El-El

Names - Em-Et

Names - Ev-Fi

Names - Fl-Fo

Names - Fr-Ga

Names - Go-Gr

Names - Gr-Gr

Names - Gr-Ha

Names - Ha-Ha

Names - Ha-He

Names - Hi-Ho

Names - Ho-Hy

Names - Ia-Ja

Names - Jo-Jo

Names - Ke-Ki

Names - Kn-Le

Names - Le-Ma

Names - Ma-Mc

Names - Mc-Me

Names - Mo-Mu

Names - Ne-Ni

Names - No-Oa

Names - Oa-Ol

Names - O'n-Pa

Names - Pe-Ph

Names - Po-Ri

Names - Ro-Ro

Names - Ro-Sa

Names - Sc-Sh

Names - Si-Sm

Names - St-Su

Names - Ta-Ti

Names - To-Wa

Names - Wa-Wa (1)

Names - Wa-Wa (2)

Names - We-We

Names - Wh-Wh

Names - Wi-Wi

Names - Wi-Wr

Names - Yo-Yo