Memorial Location:Sale
Sale United Reformed Church
Church War Memorial
War Dead
Wars Commemorated
First World War
Constructed By
Constructors Address
Physical Description
Large ornate Brass memorial with gold lettering
Date Unveiled
By Whom
Original Address
Montague Road 
M33 3BU
Current Address
St. Paul's P.C., Springfield Road,
M33 7YA
Who Paid For Memorial
Who's responsible
St. Pauls P.C.
Their Address
Springfield Road, Sale M33 7YA
Condition of Memorial
War Names Died Served
WW1 22 22 Yes
Post WW2
Rank Included
General Information
This memorial was in storage for years, unloved and out of sight.
I wrote to the Minister asking whether this memorial (as you see
it here) was ever going to be mounted within their relatively new
church.  I never got an answer to my letter, so telephoned the
Minister, who was really not interested in it, in fact he said
that I could have it if I wanted it.  The church was obviously not
proud of their parishioners who had made the ultimate sacrifice
during WW1.

Thankfully St. Paul's P.C. Springfield Road stepped in and sent it
away for renovation and it is now proudly displayed in that
Church.  They made a superb job of renovating it and it is almost
unrecognisable compared to these images here.

St. Paul's P.C. also took their Church Sunday School War

Memorial, that was originally on display on the balcony of the
Sale URC hall, but which had since been removed and placed into
storage along with this one.

When the Sale Presbyterian Church on Northenden Road closed, their
War Memorial was given to the Sale URC and that was also placed in
the same storage room.  After their renovation by St. Paul's P.C.
all three memorials are now proudly displayed in St. Paul's P.C.
Images can be seen on this website under Sale Memorials - St.
Paul's P.C. Memorials

Background - In 1968, the Sale Congregational Church amalgamated
with the Sale Presbyterian Church to become the Sale United
Reformed Church.

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