Altrincham WW1 

James Maher

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:14th Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Manchester Rgt
How Died:Thoracic Aneurysm
Country of burial:U.KGrave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Altrincham (Hale) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
According to his Army Pension record, he was born on the 10th July 1879.   
However other records state that he was aged 47 when issued with his SWB in
1917.   His BMD death record shows that he was aged: 48 at the time of his
death in 1919.   This makes him as being born in 1871.  His 1911 Census
return - that he completed himself - states that he was 36 years of aged,
which places his year of birth as 1875 ????

1881 Census - No Trace.

1891 Census - No Trace.

1901 Census - No Trace.

1911 Census - 19 Church Street, Altrincham.   Head of household - Married -
aged: 36 - occ: Fitter's Labourer - born: Manchester.    Also - Bertha
Maher - Wife - aged: 28 - occ: Charwoman - born: Knutsford, Cheshire.  
Plus his step-daughter - Miriam Davenport - aged: 6 Scholar - born:

Enlisted on the 15th September 1914.   Discharged from the Army on the 24th
March 1916.   Issued with a Silver War Badge No.264087 on the 13th November

Married Bertha Davenport during the March quarter 1907 in the Bucklow R.D.
- ref: 8a/240.

Pension Record - Bertha already had a child - Miriam Davenport (b.
12/02/1905) when she married James.   James & Miriam went on to produce two
children - Agnes Maher (b. 27/01/1912) and Bertha Maher (b. 14/07/1916).   
He was discharged from the Army on the 24th March 1916.
Died on the 1st March 1919, the death being registered during the March
quarter 1919 in the Bucklow R.D. - ref: 8a/319 - aged: 48.   Cause of death
- Thoracic Aneurysm.   Bertha married Lawrence Taafe during the September
quarter 1919 in the Bucklow R.D. - ref: 8a/553.  His widow was awarded an
£8 grant on 08/08/1919 and a weekly pension of 32/1d w.e.f. the 1st April


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