Sale WW1 

George Arthur Stanley Warburton

Rank:CorporalNumber:PLY 12962
Name of Rgt or Ship:Royal Marine Light Infantry
How Died:Died at Sea
Country of burial:U.K.
Cemetery or Memorial:Plymouth Naval Memorial
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born during the March quarter 1888 in the Salford R.D. - ref: 8d/178, the
son of James & Mary Warburton.

Baptised at St. Clement in Ordsall, Salford on the 15th February 1888, the
son of James & Mary Warburton of Ordsall.

1891 Census - 60 Halliwell Street, Salford.   Son - (recorded as ARTHUR
Warburton) aged: 3 - born: Salford. Head of household - James Warburton -
Married - aged: 32 - occ: Cotton Sizers Taper or Slasher - born: Hulme,
Manchester.   Also - Mary Warburton - Wife - aged: 32 - born: Leeds,
Yorkshire.  Plus 2 elder sisters.

1901 Census - Arnside Grove, Ashton upon Mersey.  Son - (recorded as ARTHUR
Warburton) aged: 13 - born: Salford. Head of household - James Warburton -
Married - aged: 42 - occ: Warp Sizer (Cotton) - born: Hulme, Manchester.  
Also - Mary Warburton - Wife - aged: 41 - occ: Cook in Restaurant - born:
Leeds, Yorkshire.  Plus 2 elder sisters.

ADM159 - Enlisted at Manchester on the 8th July 1904.  His enlistment
record states that his mother resided at Arnside Grove, Mersey Road, Ashton
upon Mersey.   This was later crossed our and "Birkdale Lodge", Lulworth
Road, Southport, Lancashire inserted.   Born on the 30th December 1885 -
this is wrong, he was born on the 30th December 1887, so he appears to have
massaged his age at enlistment.   His trade was "Motor Mechanic" and his
religion given as Church of England.   He was 5 feet 7 inches in height,
had a 'Fresh' complexion, 'Brown' hair and 'Hazel' eyes.

He served as follows:- Reception Depot, Deal 8th July 1904 to 23rd June
1905 when he was transferred to the Plymouth Division and served with them
from 24th June 1905 to 14th May 1906.  Posted to HMS St. George from 15th
May 1906 to 15th February 1907.   HMS Amphrititi from 16th February 1907 to
11th November 1907.   HMS Kent from 12th November 1907 to 13th December
1909.   HMS Niobe from 14th December 1909  to 25th January 1910.   Plymouth
Division (base) from 26th January 1910 to 23rd June 1910.   HMS Andromeda
from 24th June 1910 to 4th August 1910.   Plymouth Division from 5th August
1910 to 9th January 1911.   HMS Blake 10th January 1911 to 7th November
1912.   Plymouth Division from 8th November 1912 to 16th February 1913.  
HMS Gibraltar from 17th February 1913 to 13th August 1913.   Plymouth
Division from 19th August 1913 to 12th July 1914.  HMS Doris from 13th July
1914 until his death on the 7th January 1915.

He passed his Gunlayer 3rd Class examination on the 22nd December 1910 and
his 1st Class examination on the 25th October 1913.   Promoted to the rank
of Corporal on the 23rd September 1911 and to Sergeant on the 8th February
1913.  He was able to swim and was tested for that at Deal on the 28th
September 1904.

1911 Census - HMS Lord Nelson - Private in the Royal Marine Light Infantry
- aged: 25 - born: Salford.
His mother was then residing at Chapel Lane, Ashton upon Mersey.   Head of
household - Ralph Warburton - Married - aged: 46 - occ: Bricklayer's
Labourer - born: Partington.   Also - Mary Warburton - Wife - aged: 65 ???
- born: Ashton upon Mersey.  They had been married for 6 years = 1905 ???  
Little of this makes sense - I can find no trace of the death of James
Warburton (born Hulme) between 1901 and 1905, nor of Mary's marriage to
another Warburton - Ralph Warburton (born Partington) in 1905.  No trace of
any other Warburton=Warburton marriages either. A Ralph Warburton died in
the Bucklow R.D. in 1938 aged: 74.   A Mary Warburton was buried in Sale
Cemetery on the 26th April 1926.

The following extract was taken from -

"Eventually posted to serve on HMS Doris, an Eclipse class second class
cruiser that was serving in Home Waters.   In November 1914, the Doris was
detached from the 11th Cruiser Squadron and sent out to Egypt.  By this
time she was equipped to carry a seaplane, which was used to conduct an
aerial reconnaissance of the Turkish positions at Beersheba.  In December
she was part of the force available to Admiral Peirse, off the coast of
Syria.  He received orders to harass Turkish communications on the Syrian
coast.  The Doris, under Captain Larken, attacked Turkish forces at
Askalon, carried out a reconnaissance of Haifa and Jaffa and then landed a
party four miles south of Sidon, cutting the telegraph to Damascus.

At Alexandretta Captain Larken was particularly active.  He began late on
18 December by dropping a landing party north of the city, cutting both the
railway and the telegraph.  The next day the Doris appeared outside
Alexandretta, and demanded the surrender of all military stores and railway
engines in the city. This was entirely in accord with the Ninth Hague
Convention of 1907, which allowed for bombardments of towns only after an
ultimatum had been refused.  The initial Turkish response was to threaten
to execute one British prisoner for every Turkish citizen killed during the
bombardment, but on the 22nd December 1914, the ultimatum was accepted. 
The military stores had been sneaked away, but two railway engines were

From Alexandretta, the Doris went to Ayas Bay, in an attempt to capture the
Deutsche-Levante liner Odessa, but she had been scuttled by her crew.  She
then visited Mersina, before returning to Port Said.  In early January she
returned to Alexandretta, making more attacks on the railways, with mixed
success.  At the time Alexandretta was being considered as a possible
target for an Allied offensive against Turkey, either instead of the
Gallipoli landings or as a secondary target. With this in mind, the
Dorisbombarded the cliffs north of the city in an attempt to block the
coastal road."

As an infantryman, was George wounded in one of these skirmishes and later
died of his wounds???

Died at Alexandretta, Syria.  Buried at Sea.     R.M. Register states that
he was serving on HMS "Doris" at Syria.

Commemorated on the family gravestone in Sale Cemetery - A.529.

Grandson of John & Mary Urquhart.

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