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John Thomas Goodliffe

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:03rd Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt
How Died:Died
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Sale Cemetery
Town Memorial:Sale
Extra Information:
Born during the September quarter 1897 in the Salford R.D. - ref: 8d/159,
the son of Godfrey & Mary Annie Goodliffe (nee Elliott).

1901 Census - 29 Walmer Street, Salford.    Son - aged: 3 - born: Salford. 
  Head of household - Listed as George Goodliffe - Married - aged: 42 -
occ: Railway Porter - born: St. Helens, Lancashire..  Also - Mary A.
Goodliffe - Wife - aged: 40 - born: Northampton.   Plus 4 siblings, that
includes Charles Henry & James, also killed during WW1.

1911 Census - Fairy Lane, Sale.   Son - aged: 14 - occ: Errand Boy - born:
Salford.   Head of household - Godfrey Goodliffe - Married - aged: 45 -
occ: Scavenger for UDC - born: Seaton, Rutland.  Also - Mary Ann Goodliffe
- Wife - aged: 46 - born: Hold, Buckinghamshire.  Plus 2 siblings, that
includes Charles Henry & James, also killed during WW1.  Godfrey & Mary Ann
had 7 children, 2 of whom had died of natural causes.

WO 363 - Enlisted into the Cheshire Rgt at Altrincham on the 7th May 1915. 
He was aged, 19 years, 9 months and was employed as a Gardener.   Posted to
the 3rd Battalion, Cheshire Rgt on the 14th May 1915.   Appointed as Lance
Corporal on the 13th January 1916, but at his own request, he reverted to
the rank of Private.    Transferred to the King's (Liverpool( Rgt on the
7th May 1917.  Transferred again into the 421st Agricultural Coy. Labour
Corps, South Lancashire Rgt on the 24th May 1917.  He served only "At Home"

On the 27th June 1915, he was charged with overstaying  his special pass
from 12 midnight until 09.30 hrs on the 28th - given 4 days Field
Punishment and forfeited 2 days pay.   On the 27th July 1915 he was charged
with Highly improper ??????? when on ???????? fighting - given 7 days C.B.
(Confined to Barracks).  At Bideston on the 7th September 1916 he was
charged with being Absent from Parade at 21.00 hrs - reprimanded.  Still at
Bideston on the 23rd November 1916, he was charged with being Dirty on
Parade at 09.15 hrs - Reprimanded.

His personal items returned to his parents, comprised: Safety razor,
shaving brush, shaving soap, razor blades, belt, cigarette case, photos,
letters, wallet, handkerchief, tooth paste, 2 chevrons, blue chevron.

At the back of his file, is a form concerning discharge of a recruit as not
being likely to become an efficient soldier.   It is dated the 27th May
1915.  The form does not make sense given that he did actually serve for
over three years.   The CO recommends his discharge on medical grounds, but
was presumably not accepted and he was accepted for service.   He was aged:
19 years, 9 months, he was 5 feet 3 inches in height and weighed 110 lb. 
His chest measurements were 32 to 34 1/2 inches.   The CO's objection was
that he was aged only 17 years 10 months (so he was rumbled as being under
age) and his chest measurements were such that he would not be able to
perform his duties. 

By 1919, when Mary Goodliffe was completing Army Form 5080, listing her
son's family members.  She listed her husband - Godfrey, plus her eldest
son - William, aged: 35 - residing at 25 Walmer Street, Salford - two doors
away from where the family lived in 1900.   Also listed was her married
daughter - Mary Ann Leech, aged: 28, still residing at the family home at
Fairy Lane, Sale.

The 24/03/1916 edition of the local newspaper reports that he is now ill in
hospital at Birkenhead.   He was admitted to the Warrington Military
Hospital, Orford Barracks, Warrington, suffering from Influenza & Pneumonia
on the 29th October 1918 and died there on the 15th November 1918.
Buried 20/11/1918 - Burial No. 15,768.

His father, Godfrey died 04/07/1931 aged 66 years and his mother, Mary Ann
died 04/02/1949 aged 87 years.  According to a member of the family, his
mother was always very bitter (not without good cause) about the loss of
her three sons.  Their eldest son - William Godfrey Goodliffe died in 1953,
aged: 69.

Cenotaph lists name as J. Goodliffe.

His mother was the first person to lay a wreath on the Sale Cenotaph when
it was unveiled.

CWGC - Son of Godfrey and Mary Ann Goodliffe of Fairy Lane, Sale,

His brothers, Charles Henry and James also died on active service.

Memorials found on:
St. Anne's (Sale Moor)
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